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KZ Precision Inc. has been in business since 1991 making precision parts for various companies.  We have a full service facility of twelve thousand square feet, capable of low and high volume CNC milling, CNC turning, prototype, grinding, jigs and fixture design, jig and fixture manufacturing, and precision assembly. 
Our work force has over fifty years of combined machining experience, producing precision parts for the automotive, aerospace, tooling, and precision machine industries.  We are capable of machining tolerances to plus or minus .0002 on diameters, and plus or minus .0002 on positioning in milling applications. Our patented tool block reduces setup and run times, and our unique auto feeder gives us the ability to run several machines with one operator. This approach gives us the ability to use CNC machines to make intricate parts with superior precision, in high volumes, at competitive prices.




Last modified: 7/11/13