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Introducing the
Turret-Block® with O.D./I.D. Capability

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The Turret-Block® with O.D. /I.D. capability allows you to increase your tooling capability to 12 O.D. and up to 48 I.D. tools. It can be tooled for specific parts in standard VDI tool holders and exchanged in minutes. Our unique coolant valve allows individual coolant to each tool, and can be turned on/off with a ¼ turn of the valve screw. We have several models available for machines from 5HP to 50 HP and special designs with O.D. and 5 I.D. tool capabilities. With this innovative Turret-Block® you have unlimited flexibility for creative set ups, to drastically reduce machine down time caused by tooling change over. We offer a simple preset gage for easy consistent tool change and set up.

We have three models;

1.5" sq. x 5" long with a 1/2" shank with 1/2 O.D. tool slot and (4) .7505" I.D. holes.

 2"sq. x 5" long, with 3/4" shank with 3/4" O.D. tool slot and (4) .7505" I.D. holes

2.75"sq. x 11.12 long, 1" shank with a 1" O.D. tool slot and (4) 1.7505" I.D. holes.  

Our unique manifold allows independent coolant to each tool and can be turned on/off with a 1/4 turn of a valve screw.

The advantages include: Improved Quality, Increased Productivity, Reduced Set UP Time and Cost Savings versus purchasing individual tool holders.   

Pricing for our standard Turret-Block range from
$249 to $399 each.
Call for pricing on Special designs.

*For increased production ask us about our Auto-Loader
 for chucking applications.

For more information contact us
or Phone 716-683-3202 / Fax 716-684-3202 Ask for Sales Department.

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Patent Pending No. 12/477,357


Last modified: 11/28/2018